Anybeam™ Top

The world 1st 5th generation dental laser for hard & soft tissue(all tissue) - 3 in 1 Anybeam™ dental laser series.

The Anybeam™ series integrates the expertise of PointAnybeam's design, development, and technical staff into a next-generation 3 wavelengths dental laser with built-in Er:YAG (2940nm) and the 2-wavelength Nd:YAG (1064, 1320nm) laser generating systems.

The Anybeam™ series has a distinctive, doctor-friendly design that incorporates a comprehensive array of functions. The convenient user interface and reliable performance makes the Anybeam™ one of the office's most valuable partners.

Patients and clinic staff immediately appreciate the comfort and diverse treatment options available with the Anybeam™ series.

▶Anybeam™ Top E: All tissue Laser(2940nm Single wavelength Pulsed Er:YAG Laser)
▶Anybeam™ Top EN: All tissue Laser(1064/1320/2940nm 3 wavelengths Pulsed Nd/Er:YAG Lasers)

▲ Anybeam™ TOP EN plus

Available Models
Model Wavelength(nm)
2940 1064 1320
Anybeam™ Top E - -
Anybeam™ Top EN
Major Product Features

1. The functionality of the Anybeam™ makes it a truly next-generation dental treatment modality.
-The greater efficiency and maximum output of 8 watts (15~400mJ, 5~30Hz) allows you to select and perform the specific treatment options best suited for your patients that require laser therapy.

2. Most advanced handpiece
-The quick-connect swivel handpiece offers a comfortable, natural grip. The unit's easily detachable one-touch tip is also fully autoclavable.

3. The comprehensive array of tips for wider range of applications.
-The comprehensive array of tips, including a chisel tip, ensures optimal dental treatment of virtually every laserable lesion.

4, Cleverly designed and intuitive user Interface.
-Ergonomic design delivers secure, comfortable handling and is coupled with an LCD touch panel for easy access to setup keys and convenient storage of user parameters.

5. Highly dignified appearance with burgundy/silver color combination.
The unit's color combination adds to your clinic's professional, patient-pleasing decor. Patients will immediately appreciate the device's professional appearance and efficient functionality.

6. More convenient handling with new-concept design.
The cordless footswitch, controllable air/water spray system, and timer function (option on the Nd:YAG) boosts treatment precision and patient comfort. There is an efficient water-cooling system for the laser and convenient UV disinfection of the water jet.

7. Hygienic treatment environment.
The anti-bacterial silver-nano coating and compliance-friendly UV disinfection and anti-bacterial filter for the water jet complete the commitment to enhanced clinic hygiene.

▶ Laser
▼ Specifications
2940nm 1064nm 1320nm
● Model Anybeam™ Top E - -
Anybeam™ Top EN
● Max. Avg. Power(W) 8 10 8
● Pulse Energy(mJ/pulse) 10 ~ 400
50 ~ 600
50 ~ 500
● Pulse Rate(Hz) 5 ~ 50
5 ~ 50
5 ~ 30
● Pulse width Mode H
● Handpiece Type Contact &
Contact &
Contact &
Water & Air Spray Integrated in main body - -
● Dimension
-Anybeam™ Top EN: 268mm x 553mm x 863mm(WDH), Height 1362mm incl. fiber hanger
-Anybeam™ Top E: 268mm x 553.5mm x 862mm(WDH), Height 1362mm incl. fiber hanger
● Weight : 50kg(110lbs.)
●Cooling : Forced Water Cooling
● Aiming Beam : Red Diode Laser(650㎛)
● Power Requirements : 2200VA, 60Hz
Expendable Items
Items Specifications
Er:YAG Optic Fiber Assembly(w/o Handpiece) Ø200㎛
Er:YAG Handpiece Head Ø300㎛
Er:YAG Handpiece Mirror Ø400㎛
Er:YAG Handpiece Protection Cap -
Er:YAG Mach Handpiece(Tipless type) -
Er:YAG Tip(Periodontal) Ø300㎛
Er:YAG Tip(Endodontic) Ø300㎛
Er:YAG Tip(GS 10) 10 x 0.85 Ø1500→850㎛
Er:YAG Tip(HS 10) 10 x 1.2 Ø1500→1200㎛
Er:YAG Tip(GS 12) 12 x 0.85 Ø1500→850㎛
Er:YAG Tip(HS 12) 12 x 1.2 Ø1500→1200㎛
Er:YAG Tip(Cone) 15 x 0.6 Ø1500→600㎛
Er:YAG Tip(Long) Ø1500→1200㎛
Er:YAG Tip(Long Chisel) Ø1500→1500x400㎛
Er:YAG Tip(Short Chisel) Ø1500→1500x400㎛
Er:YAG Tip Case -
Er:YAG Tip Tool -
Er:YAG Water Spray Filter -
Nd:YAG Optic Fiber - Ø200 Ø200㎛
Nd:YAG Optic Fiber - Ø300 Ø300㎛
Nd:YAG Optic Fiber - Ø400 Ø400㎛
Nd:YAG Handpiece -
Nd:YAG Handpiece needle -
Stripper(Nd:YAG Optic Fiber) -
Diamond Cutter(Nd:YAG Optic Fiber) -
Safety Goggles - Type 1(Glass type) -

※ The external view and/or specifications of the above products are subject to change without prior notice to improve quality.